About Us

our team
We can't wait to hand you a scoop!

The team of scoopers, ice cream makers, pastry chefs, delivery drivers; creative, operational, and financial directors at Molly Moon's are almost as diverse and, at times, crazy as our flavors!  We are a family of friends and colleagues who are united by a common vision: to make Molly Moon's not just the best ice cream shops in town, but true community gathering places where we bring Seattle joy, one scoop at a time!  To us, bringing our city joy is as much about making great ice cream with ingredients from our community as supporting and respecting each other, covering 100% of our team's health insurance premiums, buying each other's records when their bands release something new, and most importantly, treating our customers like members of this family we're having fun creating!

our community
We love our neighborhoods!

Molly Moon's scoop shops are Seattle's favorite community gathering places. We know that ice cream shops are where memories are made, traditions are created, and ice cream-induced smiles are infectious.  We give to community organizations we feel make Seattle a better place to live -- namely public schools and organizations fighting hunger and promoting healthy food for kids. Please consider joining us in supporting the Anna Banana Milk Fund in providing families in need with milk at their local food bank each week.

our farmers
Together we are making a delicious difference!

At Molly Moon's we couple milk and cream from hormone-free dairy cows at family-owned Northwest farms with local, seasonal, and, as much as possible, organic fruits and spices to make combinations that are both familiar and surprising.  Everything we can get from local farmers, we do, including lavender from Sequim, honey from the foothills of the Olympics, and more than 90% of all our ingredients. For things that don't grow well in the Pacific Northwest, like chocolate, vanilla, coffee and tea, we work with local companies like Theo Chocolate and Stumptown Coffee to buy organic, fair-trade ingredients we can feel good about. Every aspect of our business is carefully considered, and making green and healthy choices is our greatest priority. So, our lovely friends and neighbors, please enjoy our ice creams and sorbets knowing that together we are making a delicious difference!

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Went out for a treat at @mollymoon & inadvertently became a #MayDaySea bystander... with an ice cream cone. #classy #dayoff #reallife     sooo much toasted organic coconut goes into our vegan lime toasted coconut flavor! t.co/oB1yhmNAct     @xmariahxleex through may 31st!     ch chip oatmeal oatmeal cookie dough ice cream, w/ ingr. fr @bobsredmill @ShepherdsGrain @redapecinnamon & MarketSpice in @pike_place 🍪❤️     🍪🍦the ice cream window @hellorobincookies is BACK! celebrating w/ ch chip oatmeal cookie dough ice cream, obvi! t.co/Y9NeIrpEzB     thanks @WhoosisKat! might have something to do with all the @theochocolate we melt down to put in it! 🍫🍫🍫 t.co/S6sCXdj3w3     @atolphoto t.co/X0VlzpVAtX     t.co/8HI8b6fzsv     t.co/sG41ZZJqMX     nice to know we're not the only ones to skip capital letters! t.co/F5a1EIilpQ