Molly Moon's Homemade Ice Cream flavors rotate with the seasons, the availability of ingredients, and Molly's whims. Find out our flavors as they come out by following us on twitter! We'll always keep the classics, and we love requests! Request a flavor here.


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Listening to @mollymoon speak in favor of paid sick and safe and an increased min wage makes me hungry for ice cream. #legislativehearings     #progress RT @KING5Seattle Seattle minimum wage up to $11 for most Wednesday t.co/WPwCtyhUL0     seattleites, are you seeing this sun?! and a high of 70! how about an afternoon ice cream break today?     this @trivago guide to #Seattle hits so many of our faves: parks, indie music, beloved local eateries!! t.co/IyX4mPGruw     haha, love! @LizaGeee "After finishing her ice cream my mom says, "there's gonna be ice cream in heaven, I know it."     how bout a music break for your monday afternoon? check out @cataldomusic's video premier today via @kexp! t.co/eSzisWWi7F     @bonnevivante thanks!     new flavor: strawberry rhubarb sorbet! as tasty as it is pink! full spring calendar here: t.co/QIxraba8IA t.co/PhMHMGqoeu     @DaniEstell noooo, afraid not. but there's this! t.co/GBETcK50Ah     right. on. RT @DaniEstell: All I can think about right now is Seattle summer, CHBP, and @mollymoon ice cream Can it be June now plz?