Molly Moon's Homemade Ice Cream flavors rotate with the seasons, the availability of ingredients, and Molly's whims. Find out our flavors as they come out by following us on twitter! We'll always keep the classics, and we love requests! Request a flavor here.


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Does it come in IV form? MT @mollymoon: new flavor reveal! bourbon toffee/coffee crunch @stumptowncoffee @alithea. t.co/sBCY9nwTV1     @jack_arms glad you liked the music! our team makes their own playlists & you can check 'em out here: t.co/CwH2MHbDTW     new flavor reveal! bourbon toffee/coffee crunch @stumptowncoffee @alithea. delicious details: t.co/AhVk2vwmoS     @alithea good guess & sounds delicious! no shortbread though ;-)     new flavor on monday! can you guess what it is? hint: savory, buttery + crunchy w/ @stumptowncoffee.     hi @Nyssa_Achtyes! 'fraid we can't right now, too busy w/ exciting stuff for '15. thx for thinking of us tho & good luck w/ your project!     Happy #NationalStrawberryIceCreamDay! 🍓🍦 Celebrate by getting a @mollymoon #StrawberryMilkshake w/your burger today! t.co/IqQ3f1jZPV     is this cloud 9?? hope you enjoyed! @AarshinKarande @foundry10Ed @Seahawks @stumptowncoffee     .@mollymoon, a Seattle #smallbiz owner, on importance of #livingwage for business and the community t.co/PjxvVPvFjd via @USDOL     @zuhreenuh7 shops are open normal hours! t.co/G53SESXQRj