Molly Moon's is excited to offer our ice cream to you or your community for fundraising and special events.  We have a giving mission to support public school fundraising and fighting hunger in our community.  

If your request meets our mission, please email your request here and we'll see what we can do. 

We have a monthly budget for donations, so please email us early in the month preceding your event or campaign.

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ok seattle, what are your sunny weekend plans? baseball? bike ride? a walk to the ice cream shop?? we'd love to hear!     wow, thanks kathryn!     so excited for this sunny weekend & can't wait for the show!     Dr. Seuss forest come to life, or dreamy organic rhubarb from Living Rain Farm in the Skagit Valley? yes.     @tinysorganic ps we love what you do also!     @tinysorganic please do!     fun! tho we believe ice cream is for loving, not fighting @TheFlavrBlue @CHBlockParty @lilwoodys     peach goat cheese! hmde peach jam w/ @tinysorganic peaches, creamy chèvre from @gothbergfarms. now thru 5.10     Salt licorice ice cream with the prettiest sprinkles ever @mollymoon 🍦✨     molly on the min wage hike: hundreds of thousands of people in Seattle will have more money to spend