Molly Moon's is excited to offer our ice cream to you or your community for fundraising and special events.  We have a giving mission to support public school fundraising and fighting hunger in our community.  

If your request meets our mission, please email your request here and we'll see what we can do. 

We have a monthly budget for donations, so please email us early in the month preceding your event or campaign.

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@Tcabanilla haha, thanks for the tip! redmond is happening next spring for sure 😉     heck yeah!!     I'd like to see us sm. business owners as the strongest voice in the business world @mollymoon says #ProgEcon     .@AFVhq #ProgEcon     molly at the @AFVhq conference in d.c. today:     yes!!! great news on paid leave via @strangerslog today:     #whale #icon #napkin #menuart for @mollymoon #dozfy #iconart #art #artwork @ Molly Moon's Ice Cream     @writersprite we make a salt licorice flavor every year using organic ground anise & kosher sea salt. keep an eye out for it in april!     wild honey is on the chalkboards today! featuring wildflower @ShipwreckHoney     no surprise that the best neighborhoods for young pros are also seattle's best walking neighborhoods ...