Molly Moon's is excited to offer our ice cream to you or your community for fundraising and special events.  We have a giving mission to support public school fundraising and fighting hunger in our community.  

If your request meets our mission, please email your request here and we'll see what we can do. 

We have a monthly budget for donations, so please email us early in the month preceding your event or campaign.

Molly Moon Twitter
what's in season:     @PSGStudios aw, sorry we missed ya! we wanted to throw a little shindig for our staff at sumner’s end.     & this is what it looks like: <3 ginger!     ginger is back!!! now through october 12     our shops are closing a lil’ early today, we’ve got scoops & pints ‘til 6!     doing some R&D with candied orange slices for chocolate orange ice cream, planned for late fall!     @domd0tcom nah, we’re open year-round! we’re just closing a bit early today so our crew can celebrate an awesome summer.     it’s a may/june flavor, sorry ya missed it! will be back next may! RT @Bustaferrari: @mollymoon why no Sasquatch this year. Disappointed     lookin good @SeattleFBlogger! ‘Right outside of @mollymoon in Capitol Hill wearing my @ilovesimplychic romper.’     FYI moon fans: shops close at 6 p.m. tomorrow (tuesday!) for our staff end-of-summer party. thx for a great summer! #mooncrew