It may be winter, but we're dreaming of (and planning for) spring. 

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@greysloanstyles thanks for the love! we don't ship right now bc it's hard to guarantee the quality. maybe someday :-)     thanks @BellflowerCacao!! @rgbsoda     let's talk ice cream & ginger beer! molly & rachel of @rgbsoda chat it up on the blog:     summer is a frame of mind ...     who's excited about @Sasquatch?! (besides us, that is)     all the music we play in-shop is curated by our scoopers! check out our new mixtape series:     Summer is coming     we teamed up with @rgbsoda, for fresh/fragrant/not-too-sweet RGB sorbet. tastes so right on a warm, spring day...     high of 72 today! who's planning to take an ice cream break this afternoon?     we've still got some salt licorice pints! capitol hill & queen anne have both got em.