where’s Leo?

We’ve received zillions of requests for Leo’s presence at all kinds of events this summer – from weddings and birthdays to picnics and festivals. We agree with you that Leo is pretty awesome and we wish we could send him to every single party full of ice cream! Last summer Leo traveled far and wide and always came home with smiles and joy in his rearview mirror.

This summer Leo says he’s hitting the beach and has told us that if we’re lucky he might make an appearance from time to time, but he’s just not available for events right now. We begged and pleaded, but he just put on his sunglasses and drove off into the sunset.

The good news is that we happily sell all our ice creams – including always and seasonal flavors, along with toppings, cups and cones – for use at parties and events. For details, contact us at info@mollymoonicecream.com

Molly Moon Twitter
mmm - strawberry basil sundae w/ homemade shortcake crumble! w/ whip & 🍒 on top. 🍓🌿🍓 #everydayislikesundae t.co/NUVab04Y1Z     truck will be in #redmond 2nite! cleveland st north of leary way, 6-10! current flavors: t.co/lPmjAYfSPe t.co/YUPio1J2Km     bring the paper stub from your mail-in ballot into the shop on tuesday to score a free single scoop! tues 8/4 only! t.co/xuhLfLf9fv     @Marti_Lata saturday! (6-10p)     nectarine or peach?? using organic WA peaches & nectarines for our next seasonal, we'll have the scoop monday! t.co/xfAoqNjbU9     @realjoshlewis @bthorson15 don't think your email came through, can you resend? info@mollymoon.com.     girls rock! campers/girl rockers will perform @raincityrock's showcase sat @thecrocodile! t.co/fuV0FC9JSv t.co/quktGi7eXy     love! ice cream is the perfect thing to do on a free afternoon. thanks @MariahNogy! t.co/khMYI9WS7w     all scoop shops are open 'til 11 every night! (including madrona & 19/mercer as of rightthisminute.) woohoo summer!! t.co/aJBOGqUm0n     @vivianmarie awwww that's sweet! fingers crossed! ;-)