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quote fr molly @PSBJ's 2014 Women of Influence Awards this week. good karma is good business! #psbjwomen t.co/NLRFZcOqBm     @kalliem sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy the vegan whip! drop us a line at info@mollymoon.com, we’d love to make it right.     attn: u villagers! shop is closed tonight due to maintenance. sorry for the inconvenience! we hope to see you when we re-open Friday 11 am.     attn u villagers! uv shop is closed due to maintenance, but shd be open by 5 p.m. (for dates & study breaks!) we will keep you posted here!     thanks !! @HughesMediaLaw: Congratulations Molly Moon Neitzel on being a sweet woman of influence! #PSBJwomen t.co/LJJFtUisN7     we are so in love with our new online marketplace, courtesy of @Square! t.co/B98XBKDonm t.co/ex2LkU4OAA     our new online store is live!! check it out here: t.co/xsk9Y6Yj0s t.co/7ywhYGibnR     you are so welcome & thanks for the love! RT @thereal_nugget: Thank you @mollymoon for having dairy free options. I love you     cinnamon ice cream! enjoy it in a cone/on some pie/straight from the pint ... t.co/Pv2lBtxiqr     they met in our cap hill shop on a blind date 3 yrs ago, & got engaged there sat night! congrats cameron & tanya!!! t.co/J7Ys4KIuTs